Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hey everyone! Look what I did today! :-)

I learned that you don't have to be two years old to make a royal mess. Slippery bowls are no respecter of persons (or the potential inherent in a pumpkin pie, or freshly scrubbed floors, for that matter)!

Oh, and I also successfully proved that gravity is still functioning properly--keeping even the most prideful pastry chefs thoroughly grounded in their own humanity!

Nonetheless, the pie still managed to achieve its potential!

We can only hope for a similar result with respect to the disaster of a paper I am working on!


Jessie said...

Very impressive Cherice. Both the mess and the pie. Is that homemade pie crust I see? I could never get the hang of that. It looks beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Cherice said...

Yeah, I was especially impressed with the mess . . . and even more impressed with the fact that my first thought was to grab the camera instead of being filled frustration and anger at the mess. Evidently, blogging is good for the mental and spiritual health! ;-)

Crust--does half homemade count? It is one of the frozen ones you unroll. My mom would be horrified. She has always made them from scratch and it isn't like I don't know how.

I was craving pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving and I didn't want to take the time or deal with the mess involved in making the crust from scratch--if I'd only realized what was coming, I could have seen there was no need to worry!

Anyway, there are several secrets to a flaky crust. My mom's recipe has vinegar in it, and they come out better when you use half white half wheat flour, you have to avoid overhandling the crust too, but the big secret is the ice water. It has to be ICE water! ;-)

Jessie said...

Sounds like way too much. I'll stick with my frozen crusts. But I'm still impressed. Isn't it funny how blogging changes your picture taking habits?
I miss you Cherice. When are you coming over for our annual holiday creme brulee?

Spice Girl said...

Cherice, I'm very impressed with your artistic mess. and I have a confession...I used Pillsbury crusts this year...(ahem, and every year!)

Miss you!

Cherice said...

Re: the creme brulee, all you have to do is ask! ;-) Yes, I'm amazed at how much more thoughtful my picture-taking has become since I started blogging. It is truly changing the way I see (and appreciate) the world in ways that a plain journal never could.

Cherice said...

YOU--Pillsbury crusts?! Oh my, that is a confession that would rock the world (or at least the ward) if anyone found out! ;-) It makes me feel better though!

Allison said...

Yum! That pie looks good. Can you send me some! Just kidding.