Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You know you've been at MSU too long when you realize . . .

. . . you forgot the sky could be blue until you went to California to give a presentation!

(This is the color of the sky here close to 80% of the time and those little flecks happen to be snowflakes from our first real snowfall of the year.)

. . . you forgot the grass doesn't stay green in the winter in the rest of the United States!

. . . you forgot that there was a time when you read something besides non-fiction!

. . . you forgot that you've invested so much money in Post-Its!

. . . you forgot that you made that investment more than once!

. . . you forgot that the rest of the world isn't particularly fascinated by the geometry of an airport, much less the profound meaning represented by a reflected triangle!

. . . you forgot that most people go to bed before midnight!


jenn said...

the constant gray sky is a very strange thing that i noticed too, while living in michigan.

Welch Mom said...

Got to love post-its! Where would I be without them? Very lost.

Cindi Martineau said...

Hi Cherice! So sweet of you and Anny to think of my birthday! I loved your post here. I guess I've been blog hopping today and stumbled on yours. Mine is at

Feel free to visit. Have a great day!

hickstro said...

Yes, perhaps it has been a bit too long... :)

Good luck getting things finished up this year.


Allison said...

I wish I could say I was in the group that went to bed before Midnight, but I've had way too many late nights lately. I'm just not disciplined when it comes to computer time after my kids go to bed.