Wednesday, November 21, 2007

San Antonio

I went to San Antonio
To have a little fun
(And to do my MSU work
In the 80 degree sun!)

Our hotel was near the Riverwalk
The rooms were full of light
And breakfast in the morning
Was really a delight!

A/C in November?!
That was a little strange,
But I sure got lots of work done,
So I cannot complain!

We gave 3 presentations
That went extremely well
(Or so invitations to present
In 7 states do tell).

We started with the wikis,
Then advocacy,
And finally moved to Teens N Tech.
We certainly were busy!

We lost a lot of sleep
Preparing every night.
Good thing there wasn't much to see
In nightlife or in sights!

The town was really dead.
The food was overpriced,
But we liked Azuca's!
It was very, very nice!

Cindy whined, "These amarillos
were fried too long in grease!"
The chef prepared them Cindy's way.
Cindy shared them with Cherice. :-)

They were VERY, very tasty
So now I'm waiting patiently
For my platanos to blacken
So I can make them a la Cindy!

We visited Bohanan's
Where they paid someone to note
When guests left the restroom
When you see why, you'll choke!

The hostess sprinkled petals
Into the soap-filled sink
And then into the toilet
(So it wouldn't stink?!)

No, we suspect aesthetics
Was really more the plan
And to distract the eyes
From fixtures less than grand.

I think that covers my adventures
Near the good, ole Alamo
(Which was really, really tiny)
And that is all I know!


Jessie said...

You are so creative my dear. Cute poem. The rose petals totally remind me of dish I had at a restaurant in Mexico. It was Salmon covered in edible glazed rose petals. They were beautiful but just seemed a little out of place...

Cherice said...

I just like exploring possibilities, that's all. The poem was an attempt to make a set of experiences that were meaningful to me, but probably boring to the rest of the world slightly more entertaining. Poetry also keeps me bounded and forces me to make better choices about what is worth recounting. Salmon is orange and roses are pink--doesn't sound pretty . . . although I suppose that color combo does work in Mexico. :-)

They served edible, glazed rose petals on the avocado chocolate dessert I had at Vermillion (in Chicago?). THAT was tasty.

Jessie said...

avocado chocolate? I'm going to have to take your word on that one. But I guess chocolate is chocolate right?

Cherice said...

Yeah, well I wouldn't pair it with cauliflower either, but according to this interesting little website, it looks as though that would also be a potentially tasty option!