Thursday, November 22, 2007

Veggie Burgers

It is no secret to anyone who is even remotely acquainted with me that I find the conventions of academia stifling. Grad school is truly hazardous to all forms of health (or life, for that matter)! It is killing me and I really think the Surgeon General ought to get involved! (Grin)

In an attempt to be responsible for my own health, however, I am trying to find the positives in the whole experience (and that takes a LOT of effort, which requires a LOT of energy!) So it is no surprise that food has captured my attention lately. I am also finding that food is a particularly satisfying outlet for creative self-expression.

Here is my latest attempt. It is modeled on a veggie burger that Cindy ordered from Zuni Grill in San Antonio. I've found that they don't take long to prepare and they are a satisfying (and healthy) substitute for hamburgers.
In case you're curious, this one has asparagus, peppers (green, orange, red, and yellow), portabella mushrooms, and zuchinni on it. It is held together with fresh guacamole, garnished with grated cheese, and is served on an onion bun.

The plan is to finish grad school by June, but if not, maybe there's hope for me as a chef (or at least a food artist)?!


Jessie said...

YUM!!! That looks so good. Dave says I only like it because it looks pretty...but then he saw the guacamole and had a change of heart. It looks pretty and looks like it tastes pretty good.

Cherice said...

He just doesn't dare admit to the possibility that a veggie burger could actually be more appealing than a hamburger. It looks good, it smells good, it tastes good, and it is good for you! So THERE Mr. Hamburger! :-)