Monday, November 24, 2003

Ode to a Savvy Sage

With a sudden gust of whimsy
She flings poetic paint
Against a mental canvas taut with expectation--
Prefigured for something other


Flat expectations behind glazed eyes
Suddenly whirl
Through unanticipated universes of color
Transcending preconceived possibilities
Profoundly framing new dimensions.

(Cherice Montgomery, November 27, 2001)

Friday, October 10, 2003

The Gap

To a child
Sprinkled exposure
Seems infinite, complete

Yet at the piece
So "large"--so small!
An adult chuckles silently

'Tis nothing more
Than crumbs to him
Having from larger tables supped

Yet for the child,
So innocent,
A crumb's more than enough!

(Cherice Montgomery, Fall 1989)

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Time for Apple Cider

A soul full of cider
thoughtfully sipping
a solitary, wind-swept hill
crunching colors,
then drinking deeply.

The apple-red happiness burns,
igniting cheeks
now stuffed
with majestic vistas.

Crumbs of shared smiles
like cinnamon-sugar,
and jack-o-lantern grins
the tiny, flicker of flame within
that yearns,
longs to see itself
in trusted eyes
leap joyful
and again,
and again.

It is, indeed, time for apple cider.

(Cherice Montgomery, October 5, 2003)