Thursday, November 22, 2007

Did you know . . .?

I awoke Thanksgiving morning feeling a little sorry for myself because I was staying in Michigan instead of spending the holiday with my family in Kansas. However, several friends here invited me to spend the day in their homes. As I enjoyed my day, I found myself reflecting on the blessings of a ward family and thinking about the other people and places I love:

Did you know . . . that the little things you say and do have changed (and continue to change) what I think, who I am, and the shape and direction of my life?

There are so many times that your words pop into my head, that I hear phrases you say coming out of my mouth, that I see the world through your eyes, that I feel your influence in my heart, and that I am grateful that some of the person you are has become a part of the person I am!

Then I am amazed when I think about how long ago those words were said, those thoughts were shared, and that influence was planted. It reminds me to be careful . . . and it makes me smile!


Jessie said...

These are such nice thoughts. I've been thinking something similar. Trying to learn how to live my life NOW instead of waiting for when I live next door to my mom (which very sadly is not likely to happen).

jenn said...

Cherice, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Someone (i can't remember who) told me you moved to Utah for school. guess they were wrong. it was good to see a pic of the harringtons, too! how i miss michigan! enjoy it while you can!

Cherice said...

Awww. I think back to the days when I did live in the same city as my parents and wish I had spent more time with them when I had the chance.

Cherice said...

I had a very nice Thanksgiving. I have accepted a job in Utah and will be moving there in June. I'm trying to take that attitude (of enjoying it while I can) . . . although I have to admit I'm looking forward to the sunshine of Utah!

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