Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reshaping the Mess

When I first began this blog, I used it primarily as a scrapbook of sorts in which I could collect random thoughts and musings of interest to me. Later, I transferred my "professional" life into another location and started using this space to capture more personal thoughts and feelings to share with family and friends.

My dissertation has left me with little energy to produce anything worth reading. I abandoned my professional blog and although I had great intentions, I haven't managed to post anything on this one in nearly four months.

So, I'm going to reshape this mess. I am going to give myself permission to post in snippets (the 4 people who actually read what I post are probably heaving a collective sigh of relief!).


jenn said...

hey, i'm one of those 4 people and i'm glad to have you back! i was so excited when google reader told me you had new posts!

Cherice said...

Ha ha! My goal is to start posting at least weekly--perhaps on Sundays? I have so many little snippets of things I'd like to share and I find posting relaxing and a great outlet for my creativity.

Cherice said...

P.S. Thanks for being such a loyal reader! I'll try to do better at making sure there is something worth reading posted!