Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance

After 5 years in a doctoral program, one doesn't have much interest in big words. So, here is a very simple story about a very big day.

Mom and Dad watched me get "hooded." I wish I could say it put me out of my misery, but unfortunately, a little thing called revisions got in the way of that.

Ann & Anny, who ought to open a company called Dissertations R Us with the slogan: "We help you get 'em done!"

Punya Mishra, the professor who changed my perspective and my world (and provided evidence that true scholarship involves plenty of play).

Pomp and circumstance (in non-academese: We walked in while they played music).

The President of the University spoke. The image amuses me, even at commencement, the influence of sports cannot be escaped.Add Image

Honorary doctorates were awarded (ummm, I'd like one of those please, as I'm quite certain there are a lot fewer tears associated with them)! Steven Squyres, of the Mars ROVER project, spoke, explaining that "adventures are what happen when you don't know what you are doing." I guess I must have had a LOT of adventures over the last 5 years, then.

I graduated. It was about as anticlimactic as the sentence that I just used to state it.

I defended my dissertation. Do I look like a "real" Dr.?


jenn said...

it was a long time coming, but very well-deserved and well-earned. congrats, Dr. Montgomery!

Cherice said...

Yes, it has seemed like an ETERNITY. And, unfortunately, it isn't over until it is over. I still have to finish revisions (and am not very motivated to do them right now), but I desperately need a break.