Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Daily Trek

I have come to the conclusion that elevators are hazardous to one's health. The elevator in my building is very slow, and heavily used. Consequently, if one wishes to use it, one must plan for at least a 5-minute wait. What that means is that every day I make the choice between learning patience and becoming more physically fit. Although I hate exercise, I hate waiting even more.

So, this is the staircase that I climb every day. The number of flights of stairs depends on whether I am coming from the basement where I teach, the parking garage where I park when I get to the office early enough to get a spot (which is not very often these days), or the main floor.

My office is on the third floor, and there are 2 sets of stairs between each floor (for a total of 6 flights). There are 2 levels of parking between the basement and the first floor (which adds up to an extra 4 flights or so). So my cardiovascular system is getting a much better workout since I moved here!


Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Whoa- quite the steps! I bet you have ridiculously strong calf muscles! So, are the revisions done now, or are they still in the works?

Cherice said...

They are, indeed! Strong muscles--if so, I haven't noticed. Wish climbing the stairs would do something for the flabby stomach! ;-)