Friday, July 11, 2008


Birthday candles on Kara's cake,
Blinking fireflies celebrate.
I went to see--to my surprise
A skunk appeared before my eyes!

I ran inside--my camera grabbed.
Then in a flash, this shot I nabbed.
The baby skunk was VERY brave!
He turned to face me--no tail wave!

I slipped away, then read online
I'm lucky that it turned out fine,
For skunks can aim 7 feet away
And hit their target--night or day.

They do not see things very well
But they can hear, and they can smell!
And when they face and follow you
It sometimes means they're rabid too!

But even so, I have to say
I'm glad this skunk came out to play
He looks soooo cute and cuddly.
Move here and you too can see!

Cherice Montgomery, July 11, 2008

When I returned home from a quick birthday celebration at my friend, Kara's house, it was dusk. The fireflies were blinking so beautifully that I decided to wander around the side of my apartment to the vacant field next door to appreciate them for a brief moment before heading inside and back to work. Imagine my surprise when I rounded the bush and saw a tiny little skunk wandering around!

I watched him for a brief moment, then ran inside to grab my camera, certain he would be gone by the time I returned. However, amazingly, he was still there. He didn't seem to appreciate the flash of the camera, and to my surprise, turned to face me. As I moved, he moved toward me a little. That was disconcerting. However, since I was so far away, and his tale wasn't facing me, I assumed I was safe. I did back away from him, but still tried to grab a few more photos before I decided not to trust him any more.

Had I known then that he could aim with perfect accuracy while 7-12 feet away, I might not have been quite so trusting!

Reminds me of a cute little song I learned a long time ago:

The stars at night go twink-a-link-a-link
The moon at night goes blink-a-link-a-link
The skunk at night goes stink-a-link-a-link
I think that I'll just die

Oh, twink-a-link-a-link
Oh, blink-a-link-a-link
Oh, stink-a-link-a-link
Oh my!

(Author unknown)

I think I might have to modify it in honor of this occasion:

Fireflies at night go twink-a-link-a-link
My flash at night goes blink-a-link-a-link
The skunk at night goes stink-a-link-a-link
But grab a photo I'll try

Oh, twink-a-link-a-link
Oh, blink-a-link-a-link
Oh, stink-a-link-a-link
Oh my!

(Adapted from an unknown author by Cherice Montgomery)

Just another installment of what is fast becoming my Michigan Wildlife Tour! For more information on the humane discouragement of skunks visit Coping with Skunks. I found it quite interesting!


Fiddlefish said...

Y-I-K-E-S !!!!! I have heard of domesticated skunks -- their scent glands have been removed, although I think they are a bit moody like mink or ferrets.


the Webbs said...

I miss you and Kara so much. I can only transfer what I see Scott going through with his dissertation and think of you, too, dealing with that. But just think, soon, you will belong to a very small group of people in this world that pushed their boundaries as no others have. You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Cherice said...

Yes, I was surprised to read that skunks can be domesticated. They do seem cute. I saw two more today--a black and white one and another that was mostly white. The neighbor said he thinks we have a lot of them living here--at least 5 of them.

Cherice said...

Well, it is nice to know that all this angst is just part of the process--I was really starting to think it was just me! I prefer to think of it as jumping very poorly constructed hoops. ;-) The good news is that when I do finally have those three little letters after my name, maybe that will give me the credibility I need to work to change the system (or at least to improve the scaffolding)! Thanks for your encouragement. Can't wait to see you and it will be so nice to already have a friend once I arrive!