Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Deer!

I was on the way to my voice lesson today and just as I rounded the corner and looked over toward the busy Speedway (just before the turn onto the freeway), to my shock and surprise, I saw 2 baby deer. I pulled into the Speedway to see if I could sneak a photo. They noticed me . . .

However, they must have been hungry, because they went right back to grazing in the empty field right beside the gas station. I was so focused on the deer that I failed to capture the context--but you can see from the car how close the road was. It is a VERY busy road and a stream of traffic was pouring past these two little guys.

I was able to walk closer and closer. They took turns noticing, but would then go right back to grazing. I think I could have gotten even closer but for the fact that the honk of a big truck's air brakes startled them and they started to move away. Nonetheless, I found it a beautiful metaphor for finding peace in the midst of a world gone mad!

Of course, there are all SORTS of other lessons to be learned. They are clearly very young, very inexperienced, very naive little deer whose perspectives are still so limited that they can't appreciate the very grave danger of their situation--out there in the open, so close to people, and so near the treacherous highway. I'm sure we are all like them from time to time!

However, this does make me think I may be developing an interest in nature photography as a hobby--though I need to make some serious improvements in the composition of my photos first!

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