Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why can't they?

(Note: The poem will make much more sense if you click on each individual photo--or save yourself the trouble and view the slide show.)

It started with half-formed thoughts.

Celestial scribbles . . .

. . . smeared with cosmic paint on the canvas of her mind.

Until, with a sudden flash of inspiration,

powerful ideas

ignited possibility.

A concept exploded into existence,

producing cosmic confetti

that filled her soul

with light.

Why can't THEY?

Why CAN'T they?

WHY can't they?

Feel the fire?

See the exquisite entities emerging from the flames?

Hear the harmonies?!

Perhaps it is a question of perception?

Maybe her scintillating conversations . . .

. . . are inconsequential specks to them?

Maybe her galaxies . . .

Are their fuzzy poodles?

A post that ends with a poodle doesn't impact the reader with much of a bang, does it?!

Or even a sizzle, really! :-(

More like a fizzle, if you ask me!

Poem & Photos by Cherice Montgomery - July 7, 2007


Dave said...

Wow! I thought you were just displaying some photos of the Meridian fireworks when I first skimmed this. I didn't realize until I took the time to read that this was a real work of art. It's nice to remember that our sizzles are sizzles...even if some "important" stakeholders think they're just fizzles.
Thanks for writing and sharing.

Duncan FitzGerald said...

Really enjoyed this pictorial poem... Great use of photos to generate a clear meaning. Fireworks are amazing in reality but a snapshot shows just how intricate each moment is. It opened my eyes. Thanks

Welch Dad said...

Very nice post I enjoyed the "pictoral poem" as was mentioned earlier. It always amazes me the creativity of people, as I am just to stuck in the practicality of things to make notice of the beauty of them sometimes.

Cherice said...


Well, displaying the photos was the original intent of the post--but that seems so boring. It doesn't "communicate" anything . . . and the whole point of this blog (well, at least one of them) is to help me figure out what I think, and to convey the things I feel and care about, but would be unlikely to share f2f.

After all, f2f audiences can be so fickle--why cast pearls? At least with a virtual audience, they are under no obligation to click, and I don't have to worry about whether or not they are finding "conversations" about things that really matter to me boring!

Cherice said...

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments--and for the insight that "our sizzles are sizzles...even if some 'important' stakeholders think they're just fizzles." That was a really interesting and useful thought.

Cherice said...


You "got" the poem! At first, I was just playing around. I like stories, and thought I'd see if I could impose an order on the photos that communicated some of the things I'd been thinking about while watching the fireworks.

I didn't realize how intricate (or interesting) each of those moments were until I really started searching through them to find ones that could visually carry the weight of the concepts I was trying to express. I discovered all sorts of interesting surprises! (For example, I love the one that looks like an explosion of ears.)

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

Cherice said...

Welch Dad,

Thanks for your comments. I think my blog is my attempt to escape from the commonplace routines and frustrations of my daily life. It does seem to help me "notice the beauty" of the normal in ways that I otherwise take for granted.

I sometimes wonder what I would be posting if I didn't feel such pressure from the constraints I feel on my life, my freedom, and my time, though. Would it be more mundane, or even more creative?