Sunday, April 15, 2007


Who do you tell your heart to when the sun sets on your day?

Who do you share your mind with when ideas leap and play?

Who do you bare your soul to when heartache cracks it like dry earth?

Who do you reach for with your eyes to tell you what you're worth?

Cherice Montgomery, April 2007


Babs said...

Did you write this Cherice?

Cherice said...

As a matter of fact, I did. I suppose I should edit the post to reflect that fact, huh? :-)

Cherice said...

It is really an unfinished poem, and the 3rd line needs a bit of work yet to sand the roughness out of its rhythm, but that is as far as inspiration has been willing to take me so far.

Babs said...

I like it a lot - rough or finished.

Cherice said...

Thanks! As I re-read it, I quite liked it too! :-)

jenn said...

loved this poem, cherice. it's very pertinent to my life right now and even brought tears to my eyes.