Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who needs the P or the D anyway?

In the car on the way home, one of my friends volunteered to give me one of her letters when she graduates with her PhD because she didn't think she'd really need all three of them anyway.

First she offered me her H because she said I was helpful. I told her I would be quite happy to take my H and go use it to help the world because I really didn't want to finish this stupid degree anyway.

However, I think that worried her, so she offered me her D as an alternative. I decided I didn't want that because "D" is for depressing, desperate, destruction, disasterous, destitute, etc. I already have plenty of D words in my life. It could stand for "diligent," but I haven't really been all that diligent. Down with the D words!

So, she agreed to keep the D. Finally, she got around to offering me the P. I was very happy with that. I decided that if I WERE ever to finish this silly degree, I would plaster my office with purple Ps . . . for words like possibility, plethora, purposeful, pedagogy, practical, perspectives, perspicacious, etc.

At the end of the conversation, I decided that the university that just hired me probably wouldn't let me keep my job with only an H, and she decided that all she really wanted was her H . . . for "hungry!"?!?!

I dare you to find sense or meaning in THAT!

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