Friday, July 13, 2012

The Dance

Anchored in the sand
Of shared understanding,
She scooped up a handful of notes,
Letting them flow through her fingers;
He patted them down with his feet
In syncopated splashes of skill.

Comfortably connected,
They waded deeper into the music
Swaying and swirling
To the rhythm of the waves
Which ebbed and flowed around them.

As they danced, she slowly realized
Just how far she had drifted
From the glittering shores
Of her best self—

A scintillating sandcastle
Sparkling in the sunlight
Of sudden insight.

She closed her eyes
Before the next wave of doubt

Came crashing in.

Cherice Montgomery - July 13, 2012

1 comment:

Dawn Samples said...

Cherice that is beautiful. What a comeback! I look forward to more my talented friend :-)