Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Patchwork of Perspectives

Threads of conversation--
Snippets of text--
Carefully cut
From the fabric
Of her life
And set aside
In the cedar chest
Of her heart
Until the pieces
Suddenly made sense
Stitched together.
Though a few stray doubts
Still stuck out
The shivering stopped
And her worries
Finally fell asleep.

Cherice Montgomery, 1-17-10


Jessie said...

Sounds wonderful Cherice. To have something at peace. Thanks for sharing.

Cherice said...

LOL. Although many of my poems are directly related to things going on in my life, this one was essentially fiction.

I had been thinking about several different academic topics and how I wanted to stitch quotations from various texts together into a commentary on them, but since I didn't have time for all that, I wrote a poem about the idea of that as a placeholder instead.

However, the poem was boring, so I took a little poetic license--adding the metaphors so it could tell a little story that pretended to be substantive.

By that time I was stuck on the ending, but freezing. Task-oriented person that I am, I also wanted to hurry up and finish the poem before I got up to turn up the heat--hence the ending.