Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Freedom to Fly

I attended the International Association of Language Learning Technology Conference (IALLT) in Atlanta, Georgia last week. (For a synopsis of session content, view the tweets.) The experience of spending time in Georgia provided me with a great deal of clarity about many paradoxes in my life, leaving a residue of overflowing gratitude for what is present in my life, in spite of unfulfilled desires. It is so easy to take life for granted and to misunderstand our place in it.

When my life feels like this

Entrance to Georgia State University Dorms

And the point of each step

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Is invisible to the eye

Cable Car Ride, Stone Mountain, Georgia

The joy in the journey is easily missed

Kite Flyer Atop Stone Mountain, Georgia

As I long for the freedom and strength to fly

Bird near Stone Mountain, Georgia

So I ponder as I stop for a rest

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Those who came before

Granite Carving, Stone Mountain, Georgia

And pray for the light to see how best

Atlanta, Georgia From the Top of Stone Mountain

To help those around me soar.

Birds float on the air currents at Stone Mountain


Natalie said...

That's beautiful Cherice! Looks like it was a very scenic trip once you got off campus!

Cherice said...

Indeed, it was!