Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Up the Canyon"

So here in Utah, you don't "take a trip to the canyon," you "go up the canyon." Here are some photos of the afternoon my Grandmother and I spent there this fall.

Can you find the guy who jumped out of a tree and surprised me?

According to one of my science teacher colleagues, the thick, orange stripe on this little guy's back means that we are going to have a very cold, very long winter!


jenn said...

beautiful scenery there, huh?

i don't know if i can take another very long, very cold winter again! does that apply to idaho too?

Cherice said...

It is funny, b/c my impression of Utah from visits here was that it was really ugly. I'm learning to look for the beauty that is here instead of focusing on all that isn't present that was present in KS or MI or even CA.

jenn said...

yeah, i thought utah was pretty ugly when i first moved there from NC. i really missed the trees. it's hard to beat those mountains, though.