Monday, May 05, 2008

Whatever Weather

(A Response to Ariel Gordon's

It's whatever weather--
A stormy mood
Draws me in
Makes me click.

Google Alert!
Your poem
Pops up on the radar
Unconventional light!

Complex concepts
Rivet me,
Secure my passage
Through tornadic tumbles of words

That rip and rumble;
Wiping scenes that burst
Across the windows of my awareness
Like lightning.

The clock ticks incessantly
Work-to-do, work-to-do!
But I don't dare look.
Eyes grip the road, as this weather demands.

Miles pass with each minute.
I drift with the rain in the rear-view
Mind soon relaxes, soul sighs--
Filled with storm-light's fresh clarity.

Cherice Montgomery, 5-5-08


The thought of diving back into my dissertation proposal after nearly a week of work on it with very few breaks and very little sleep put me in a very stormy mood--a "Fine! Just great! Whatever!" kind of a mood.

A Google Alert on the topic of light drifted across my screen, and my attention drifted along with it. As I scanned the alert, I came across an intriguing little poem by Ariel Gordon called Rush-light. The preview it gave me of a playful juxtaposition and metaphorical integration of two images that are almost binary opposites was too intriguing to resist, so I clicked.

Although it doesn't take much to divert my attention these days, it takes a LOT to hold it for more than a few seconds. This poem managed to capture my mind for over an hour as I pondered it.

Aware of the time, (and the fact that my dissertation proposal wasn't going to magically complete itself), I finally contented myself with dashing off a brief response to the author. However, my words went on strike and refused to work unless I clothed them in language better suited to the occasion. Who knew that words were so fashion conscious?! They finally agreed to behave once I crafted a poetic outfit for them to wear instead. They insisted that it include adornments "just like Ariel Gordon's poem was wearing." When Ariel sees the result, she may determine that some sewing lessons are in order for me, but for now, both my words and I can finally get back to work!

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GumbyandPokey said...

You are amazing Cherice! Amazing!