Friday, April 11, 2008

Of Assumptions, Expectations, & Surprises

I ran across this video on Julies Pictures. I thought it was adorable and that those of you who are parents would get a kick out of it.

On a more philosophical note, it caused me to ponder how deeply our expectations influence our behavior (not to mention what surprises us). It was interesting to note the assumptions that that even small children make about the rationality of others, and to observe the way they view language--as a powerful tool for shaping the behavior of others.


Fiddlefish said...

That was HILARIOUS -- especially when you see the baby's response. He TOTALLY knew what he was doing.

Cherice said...

I thought it was terribly funny! I think the little boy thought he knew what he was doing, and was surprised when it didn't quite work out the way he had intended. I think the baby enjoyed the fact that he was able to exert enough to control to elicit a reaction. I'll bet it reminds you of a few interactions your own kids have had!

Cindi Martineau said...

I've seen that one before, but didn't put much thought into it, just thought it was entertaining. Thanks for a new view of it!

Cherice said...

Glad you liked it, Cindi.

brandon & alisa said...

I thought this video was hilarious! When Brandon and I came upon we watched and laughed several times.

You are my neighbor and friend and I think this is the first time I've seen your blog.

I am a horrible friend because I did not know it was your birthday on Easter (and for various other reasons).

I love listening to and reading what you have to say, anytime, anywhere. :)

Cherice said...

I was wondering just this morning if you have a blog. This inspired me to search for it. Look what I found!

Glad the video made you laugh. It made me laugh (and I, too, watched it several times). I'm not one that generally re-reads or re-watches anything, if that tells you anything.

You are not a horrible friend--I think grad school just puts us all in solitary confinement!

Thanks for that last bit. It meant a lot to me.