Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You know you've been at MSU too long when you realize . . .

. . . you forgot the sky could be blue until you went to California to give a presentation!

(This is the color of the sky here close to 80% of the time and those little flecks happen to be snowflakes from our first real snowfall of the year.)

. . . you forgot the grass doesn't stay green in the winter in the rest of the United States!

. . . you forgot that there was a time when you read something besides non-fiction!

. . . you forgot that you've invested so much money in Post-Its!

. . . you forgot that you made that investment more than once!

. . . you forgot that the rest of the world isn't particularly fascinated by the geometry of an airport, much less the profound meaning represented by a reflected triangle!

. . . you forgot that most people go to bed before midnight!